Broadway Killers

Hohenholte Rockt!

Broadway Killers

The Danish punk rock band Broadway Killers only believes in two things - good song writing and great live performances. They have no intensions of creating the revolutionary, but focus on writing strong, melodic punk rock music. With no use of auto-tune, beat detective or other fancy electronic devices they take pride in the fact that what you hear is what they play.

Broadway Killers is not part of any hype or musical trend, but build their music on the energy of the punk music, the attitude of grunge and the sound of the alternative rock scene.

It all starts as a side project late 2010 as Emil, Anders and Jakob decide to go back to their musical roots. With bands like Nirvana, Social Distortion, Pearl Jam in mind, they create a sound that states their belief that real music is being played by real people.

Quickly the band won international acclaim within the scene and Broadway Killers became the three friends’ first priority. Founder and bass player of Bad Religion, Jay Bentley, describers the band as; “the best new band out there right now”. Lead singer of the American punk band Anti-Flag, Justin Sane, appears on the debut album and Broadway Killers has opened for Bad Religion, Anti-Flag and one of the most successful German rock bands, Beatsteaks.

After releasing three EPs in one year the fan base showed extraordinary dedication and made it possible to crowdfund the debut album, “Broadway Killers”, which was released September 5th 2014. A ten track and 28 minutes long record that sounds like three people playing fast, aggressive and melodic punk rock. Broadway Killers “Broadway Killers”: Listen here.

“I don’t want to attach any superlatives to our music. I let people do that. Our goal is to clarify our belief in solid song writing, simplicity and the fact that three people can still make a difference with just a guitar, a bass and a drum kit.” – Jakob Thalund Møller, lead singer Broadway Killers.

With several years of experience, a label deal with Target Group/Mighty Music and a signed contract with the acknowledged booking agency x-why-z, the future is here and the band has already begun writing songs for the next release.

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